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Book Review: Nimpentoad by Josh, Henry, and Harrison Herz

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Four elementary school students of C.L. Davies review Nimpentoad.


The Synopsis

A charming fantasy tale of the courageous and resourceful little Nimpentoad, who leads his tribe of Niblings through the perilous Grunwald forest, overcoming obstacles and encountering strange creatures along the way. Kids enjoy the adventure and amazing illustrations. Parents appreciate a story that discourages bullying, and emphasizes teamwork, creativity, and leadership.

The Reviews

Having been asked by the author for a review of this beautifully illustrated children’s book, I couldn’t resist getting my Year 5 and 6 pupils involved. I was supposed to pick my favourite two to publish, but the standard was so fantastic that I ended up choosing four.

Here are their amazing reviews (I have corrected the occasional grammar and spelling mistake, but the wonderful words are entirely the pupil’s own).

The Review by Emily Toombs

The book Nimpentoad is about a Nibling who has to travel through the woods to get to Goofus’ castle, so he can help Goofus out, but on the way he finds loads of monsters that are evil. I liked the action when they were in the cart. I also liked the humour. I found this bit very funny, for example: ‘Bug eggs may not sound very good to you or me, but when you are a Nibling, and all the bigger creatures take the best food, sometimes you don’t have much choice!’ I found the Niblings funny when they were in the back of the cart. My favourite character is Nimpentoad because he is a hero. The genre is fantasy. The writing was very easy to read. I liked the descriptive words that the author used. My favourite part of the story is when they were pedalling in the cart.I liked the book a lot!

The Review by Thomas Roberts

Nimpentoad tried to take his troops to Goofus’ castle, but in the way stand enemies – big, tough enemies. They have to go through the forest where the monsters live.I liked it that I feel like I’m in the story, because of the way the author has written it. The name ‘Goofus’ is funny, and ‘Nimpentoad.’The book is great! It was easy to read – the words weren’t too long, which made it more easy to read. Some of the monsters were cool, and so was Nimpentoad. The rhyme that the Goblins sang was cool: ‘One, two, three, four, pick up beetles off the floor.’ The Nimpentoads were very smart compared to the Goblins and other monsters.

The Review – by Jamie Buckley

Nimpentoad is a little brave clever Nibling who wants to change all bullying for all his fellow Niblings. So at last he puts everything to the test. Will Nimpentoad succeed, or will he fail from the horrible things that lie ahead?

This fantasy adventure book will make you want to read it until you finish it.

I love the Goblins, they’re my favourite characters, but my favourite part was when the Trolls said “Oi, we’re gonna have some Nibling sandwiches!”

The author’s use of writing is very interesting. It’s good because it goes into the Niblings’ lifestyle.

The Review – by Charlie

Nimpentoad is clever and brave. Nimpentoad and his friends go on a journey to Goofus, a big kind Giant. Simple, right? Wrong. The journey there is filled with adventure, but Nimpentoad always has a plan to save the day, or does he? This book is filled with exciting monsters. This tale will linger in your mind long after you put the book down. The author uses small but effective words to help explain all the monsters.

I really enjoyed this book and am hoping there will be a Nimpentoad 2.


Author: Henry Herz

Children's book author

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