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Announcing KidLit Creature Week

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KIDLIT CREATURE WEEK is a free online collaboration starting January 15. Prior to that, illustrators are encouraged to submit an illustration to our gallery of monsters, creatures & other imaginary beasts suitable for children’s literature. This year’s guests of honor include:

  • Pat Cummings
  • Rebecca Emberley
  • Molly Idle
  • Mike Kunkel
  • Debbie Ridpath Ohi
  • Luciana Navarro Powell
  • Peter H. Reynolds
  • Brian Won
  • Salina Yoon
  • Dan Yaccarino

Who Can Participate?

Anyone! It’s fun. Be inspired by others’ art. Promote your work by sharing it with others in the KidLit community.

What Can I Submit?

Submit before January 1 an image of any creature you’ve illustrated. It need not have been traditionally published. “Creature” is defined in this context as any sentient being not found in nature, e.g. dragon, ninja rabbit, muppet, talking crayon, elf, and so on. The artwork may be in any media, but submit a 72 dpi JPEG no more than 7″ wide and 5″ high.

How Do I Join The Fun?

1. Paste the small KCW participant badge on your website, with a link to the KCW website.
2. Email me your JPEG with the info listed below (Oscar shown for illustrative purposes). By submitting, you are agreeing to these terms.

  • Creature Name & Genus: Oscar the Grouch
  • Home: Garbage can
  • Personality: Grumpy. Just wants to be left alone.
  • Appears in book(s): Grouches are Green, Sesame Street Grouchy Hugs (not required)
  • Link: link to the book or your website
  • Your name

How Do I Tell My Friends?

1. Tweet about #KidLitCreatureWeek on Twitter.
2. Like the KCW’s Facebook page so you can network with other artists and discuss their creatures.

But Wait, There’s More!

All participants are automatically entered in a raffle for signed art, books, and other swag.



Author: Henry Herz

Children's book author

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