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Authors, use Kindle Kids’ Book Creator to add interactivity to your books

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Publishing children’s books on Kindle just became a little easier. While authors have long been able to post illustrated books through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, the books were simply text and images. However, you can now add a little interactivity to your book in the form of pop-up text, thanks to the Kindle Kids’ Book Creator (KKBC), the newest addition to Amazon’s arsenal of publishing tools.


While you can publish an illustrated book on Kindle without using KKBC*, the new program offers two cool opportunities to make your book more fun and accessible for young readers.

Here’s a quick illustrated guide to the new features.

Getting started with KKBC

Once you download KKBC for free from Amazon, your first task is to set up the book. Enter the title, author, destination folder on your computer (which must be empty), page orientation and other details.


Next, import your book cover as a PDF, JPG, TIF or PNG, followed by your page images. This can be done en masse using a multiple-page PDF — which I recommend, as it’s easier — or as individual images.

If you opt to upload individual images, the files must be at least 400 by 400 pixels. To keep them in the correct order, make sure you’ve numbered your image file names, because KKBC adds them alphabetically. In the example below, I have added a single interior page image using the Add Page button.


Read the rest of the post at http://thewritelife.com/childrens-book-authors-amazons-new-tool/


Author: Henry Herz

Children's book author

One thought on “Authors, use Kindle Kids’ Book Creator to add interactivity to your books

  1. Henry, I’ve yet to embrace picture books going electronic. At some point, I suppose IF I ever get published and that becomes part of the process, I will open my mind to it. That’s when this info will come in handy, so thank you for posting it! 🙂

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