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Children Spell the Funniest Things


Credit for this post goes to the clever folks at Bored Panda.

Kids are a never-ending source of joy – if not for their boundless energy and joy, then for the hilarious and obliviously inappropriate things that they say and do. These 22 images are hilarious because of the fact that the kids probably have no idea just how raunchy they’re being.

The fact that kids say the darnedest thing has already been very well documented – there are hilarious and brutally honest notes or creepy and inexplicable statements.

My Whole Family

Image credits: imgur.com

Best Cook

Image credits: white-orchid


Image credits: odalaigh


Image credits: draftermath


Image credits: laughingninja.com

I Come In Peace

Image credits: twitter.com

My Goat Is In A Pen

Image credits: imgur.com


Image credits: rbrown34


Image credits: break.com


Image credits: Amanda Da Bast


Image credits: gudatspelling

You Can’t Catch Me

Image credits: deanparry85

Come With Me

Image credits: imgur.com

I Like Pencils

Image credits: buzzfeed.com

Happy Birthday Kurt

Image credits: RhphotoG

Chum Bucket

Image credits: buzzfeed.com


Image credits: buzzfeed.com

The Beach

Image credits: buzzfeed.com

Abraham Lincoln

Image credits: imgur.com


Image credits: imgur.com


Your House

Image credits: twitter.com


Author: Henry Herz

Children's book author

2 thoughts on “Children Spell the Funniest Things

  1. Oh, my! Some I find suspicious as to being genuine, but the one I really had to figure out was the “cock = cook” one. After all, that is quite the phallic chef’s hat! :-O

  2. Your kids (like all kids) are amazing artists– but you are amazing for keeping up will all their artistic output. I recall in middle school a friend left her dad a long and loving b-day message, which Mom, an English teacher had woke up and corrected with a red pen. Clearly you’re not that kind of parent!

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