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Cat and Mouse Armor! by Jeff de Boer


In His Dark Materials, Phillip Pullman has armored polar bears (panserbjørn). So, artist Jeff de Boer simply took the next logical (and diabolically genius) step. Pure unalloyed awesome from Bored Panda

Canadian artist Jeff de Boer creates impressive metal armor for cats and mice based on different historical eras. He started making these sculptures over 30 years ago as a little side project on his sculpting class. The side project eventually turned out to be the work of a lifetime. From Ancient Rome gladiator armor, to Renaissance knight armor suits – over these years Jeff has created too many of them to count himself.

Jeff uses various metals for his creations, but mostly bronze and copper. One tiny mouse armor takes from 10 to 40 hours to make and a cat armor takes from 50 to 200 hours. He has tried putting the armor on his cat only once, and still has the scars.

Recently, Jeff published a book featuring some of his favorite pieces. Looking at these meticulously crafted armor, we can’t help but imagine that this is what mice and cats would wear in the eternal war between two old enemies.

Dragon Cat

Bat Cat

 Samurai Siamese

Crusader army

Tournament Cat

15th Century Maximilian Rat


Tournament Cat

Tournament Mice

Persian Cat

Gladiator Cat Helmet

White Knight Cat

Elven Princess

Persian Cat and Crusader Mouse

Edo Period Samurat General

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Author: Henry Herz

Children's book author

4 thoughts on “Cat and Mouse Armor! by Jeff de Boer

  1. Ok, these are just EPIC!! My jaw is literally on the floor right now. Mind. Blown.

  2. Holy cat and mice!!!
    As a metalsmith in an earlier part of my life, hollow forming was always my favorite way of working metal. I can really appreciate your art. I know the unbelievable skill and time that goes into these incredible pieces. Your creations are so totally cool and mind blowing. Thanks for sharing. I will pass this link on to all my metalsmithing friends.

  3. This is absolutely amazing, Henry! I would never have thought someone would even do this, but I suppose it makes sense 🙂 The artistry is mind-blowing! Thanks so much for sharing this 😀

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