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What if Disney Princesses Had Realistic Waistlines?

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By Loryn Brantz at http://www.boredpanda.com/realistic-disney-princess-waistlines-loryn-brantz/

Disney Princesses without body issues… Genius!

Disney’s classic stories are magical and formative tales for youngsters, but there’s no doubt that they can sometimes promote outdated or even unhealthy gender images, especially for women. Emmy Award-winning illustrator Loryn Brantz decided that she’d challenge the unhealthy body types promoted by Disney’s princesses by giving them waist-lines that were a bit more true-to-life.

As children we may not realize these images in the media affect us, but they definitely do,” Brantz told the Huffington Post. “Media outlets with the opportunity to change the way women are viewed and view themselves should start taking responsibility. It only took a couple nudges of a line to make those princesses’ waists less extreme, and they still looked beautiful and magical.









Author: Henry Herz

Children's book author

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