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Low Polygon Count Paper Animals


By Carolina and Juan from http://www.boredpanda.com/lowpoly-paper-animal-sculptures-guardabosques

Carolina and Juan launched Guardabosques (‘forest ranger’ in Spanish) – an illustration and design studio based in Buenos Aires.

Nature was a theme we both loved when we started this. Juan studies natural sciences and the things he learned during his classes influenced our work. Firstly, we started with the birds and then continued with the mammals while at the moment we’re working on the underwater creatures. We love nature’s theme and its endless possibilities. We also try to generate awareness of taking care of the natural world as we did with the paper birds or the endangered Argentinian animals made from cardboard.

We love working with paper. The lowpoly animals we make usually start in a 3D software, then are transformed on paper to be cut, and finally to be reassembled in real life. We also like to work on paper from scratch, cutting forms and drawing some details on it. The results are pretty different but we like to be able combine both processes when we can.

Spectacled bear


Tanuki or racoon dog

Green bee-eater

Humpback whale


Red fox

Feb 2014 inner cover for Ohlala magazine


Melanic wolf

Anuario de Ilustradores: woods

Anuario de Ilustradores: dinosaurs

Giant cardboard animals installation

The explorer



Author: Henry Herz

Children's book author

2 thoughts on “Low Polygon Count Paper Animals

  1. These are lovely. These scenes and animals are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Henry, where do you find these amazing, unusual works of art? You come up with stuff I’ve never seen. These are so cool!

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