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Stormtroopers on Their Day Off

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Ever wonder what Imperial Stormtroopers do when they’re not manning Death Stars, searching for missing droids, or getting bested by fuzzy little Ewoks? Well, artist Jorge Pérez Higuera shows us, thanks to the folks at Bored Panda.

I’m Jorge Pérez Higuera a visual artist based on Guadalajara, Spain. I began this project in 2012 as my final year project for Photography at University but, to be honest, I no longer remember how I came up with the initial idea.

I chose Stormtroopers for several reasons. First of all, they have the capacity to be liked by several generations because the films were made in the late 70`s, late 90`s and now they are coming back. Moreover, the stormtroopers have become a pop icon that we are all familiar with and that is why I think we can identify ourselves with them. Lastly, I like stormtroopers because we don’t know their gender, so is the spectators`imagination in order to know if they are males or females. The hardest part in this project is the preparation of each set-up. This means a lot of hours photo shooting and more hours in photoshop.

Finally, I want to say that the project is still a work in progress but I hope to end it before this year ends. May the force be with you!


Author: Henry Herz

Children's book author

One thought on “Stormtroopers on Their Day Off

  1. These photo’s are awesome! What a creative work in progress.

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