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Coffee Tables that Simulate Animals Emerging from Water

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I must have a hippo table! From Derek Pearce and the mad geniuses at Bored Panda.

“Looking to spice up your living room with a unique piece of furniture? A coffee table portraying a floating animal by Derek Pearce should do the trick.

Derek Pearce is a man with one unique vision. Called ‘Water Tables’, he creates stunning coffee tables that portray animals “floating through water”. From hippos to dolphins to ducks – he designs the tables so the animals would be plunging in and out of the glass, which represents the water’s surface. The result is truly amazing.”

Author: Henry Herz

Children's book author

One thought on “Coffee Tables that Simulate Animals Emerging from Water

  1. Oh, Henry! (Yes, one of my fave candy bars 🙂 ) It’s been too long since I’ve been by and seeing something this cool and interesting, it bothers me thinking about what I’ve missed. What art! 🙂

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