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Halloween Rhyme: When Candy Goes Bad


A Halloween cauldron sat brimming with treats,
When Taffy claimed HE was the finest of sweets.
Big Jawbreaker shouted, and Candy Corn howled,
The Rock Candy shivered, the Gummy Bears growled.
The Taffy refused to back down from his claim,
Though all of the others did not feel the same.
Then Taffy climbed up and declared in vain voice,
“I come in all colors, I’m the bonbon of choice!”
His pride clearly stopped him from thinking things through.
He screamed when a child picked him up for a chew.


Author: Henry Herz

Children's book author

37 thoughts on “Halloween Rhyme: When Candy Goes Bad

  1. Love it! Candy Karma!

  2. Poor Taffy! Karma indeed. Good Luck.

  3. Ha! This made me chuckle. A clever story with a lesson for all. 🙂

  4. Love your fun twist at the end. Those candies have lots of personality!

  5. Ha! This is a good one! Nice work and great rhyme.

  6. Excellent, Henry! I always did have a problem with taffy.

  7. Perhaps Taffy should’ve kept his mouth shut, ha! Fabulous story!

  8. Nice going, Henry! A very sticky contest, indeed!

  9. So much candy goodness in one story. Good luck!

  10. So like a kid not to think ahead. “Sweet” story. Good luck!

  11. What silly fun! Good luck!

  12. Such a clever concept and a stellar rhyme! Best of luck on the contest.

  13. Haha. Very clever. Good luck.

  14. Don’t advertise your deliciousness on Halloween!

  15. Fun story, great rhyme, Henry! Love the candy fight, each trying to prove they’re the best…without thought of what that might actually mean 🙂 Great ending! Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun!

  16. Ha ha looks like the biggest mouth, ended up in the biggest mouth. Great story!

  17. Yeah, I’m going to have to go with the Gummy Bears here, haha. Love how you made the candy characters and that Taffy got his comeuppance.

  18. Great rhythm and rhyme, Henry…and I absolutely LOVE your ending!! Well done!

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