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Henry Herz writes fantasy and science fiction for children. He and his sons wrote MONSTER GOOSE NURSERY RHYMES (Pelican, 2015; Best Picture Book at SoCal SCBWI Editor’s Day), WHEN YOU GIVE AN IMP A PENNY (Pelican, 2016), MABEL AND THE QUEEN OF DREAMS (Schiffer, 2016; Finalist, Foreword Indies Best Picture Book), LITTLE RED CUTTLEFISH (Pelican, 2016), CAP’N REX & HIS CLEVER CREW (Sterling, 2017), GOOD EGG AND BAD APPLE (Schiffer, 2018), HOW THE SQUID GOT TWO LONG ARMS (Pelican, 2018), ALICE’S MAGIC GARDEN (Familius, 2018), 2 PIRATES + 1 ROBOT (Kane Miller, 2019), THE MAGIC SPATULA (Month9 Books, 2021, with Sam Zien), and I AM SMOKE (Tilbury House, 2021).

Henry and his sons have also indie-published four children’s books. NIMPENTOAD reached #1 in Kindle Best Sellers large print sci-fi & fantasy, and was featured in Young Entrepreneur, Wired GeekDad, and CNN. BEYOND THE PALE featured short stories by award-winning and New York Times bestselling authors Saladin Ahmed, Peter S. Beagle, Heather Brewer, Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine, Kami Garcia, Nancy Holder, Gillian Philip & Jane Yolen, and reached #2 in Amazon Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Anthologies.

Henry’s stories “Born to Dance”, “Pay the Piper”, and “Maria & Maslow” (with Livia Blackburne) will appear in Highlights for Children magazine. He has also written 13 traditionally-published horror/fantasy/humor adult short stories appearing in a variety of anthologies.

Henry has a BS in Engineering from Cornell U., an MS in Engineering from George Washington U., and an MA in Political Science from Georgetown U. He is a member of SCBWI.

Josh’s LEGO diorama “Zombie Apocalypse” was featured in the Creative Endeavors section of the Nov/Dec 2015 issue of Cicada Magazine. His Warhammer diorama “Band of Brothers” was in the Jul/Aug 2014 issue. His LEGO diorama “The Doorways of Life” was in the Mar/Apr 2014 issue. Josh’s poem “Mom” was featured in Sept 2014 in Highlights for Kids.

Henry was a 2016 guest blogger on Angie Karcher’s Rhyming Picture Book Month (RhyPiBoMo).


Henry was a 2014 guest blogger on Tara Lazar’s Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo).


Henry has presented about writing at a variety of venues:

At the California School Librarians Association conference

At the Charlotte Huck Children’s Literature Festival


At the Orange County Society for Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators Editor’s Day 

At the San Diego State University Writers’ Conference

At the Canyon Crest Academy Writers Conference

At the San Diego chapter of the Society for Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators

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