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How the Squid Got Two Long Arms

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Genre & Age: Tall tale picture book (ages 3-7)
Format: Hardcover, 32 pages, 8.5″ x 11″
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
ISBN: 978-1455623884

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Little Red Cuttlefish Goodreads Reviews

Author Henry Herz tells a clever story about a selfish squid who pays the price for stretching the patience of his fellow sea creatures thin. The tale trails a shivering squid swimming through the cold waters of winter who spots a cozy looking sweater. Although it belongs to an octopus, the squid makes off with the sweater. Still not cozy, the squid keeps swimming and helping himself to more clothes to keep himself warm, until the true owners of the clothes come after him with dire consequences! This charming new twist on a pourquoi tale is complete with colorful comic book style illustrations and scientific information about real life squids that will interest readers of all ages!

What People are Saying

“The story is told simply but with lively, Kipling-inspired language. Graber’s cheerful illustrations depict an appropriately dark underwater world. An amusing account of undersea shenanigans.”
— Kirkus

“Rudyard Kippling, watch out!  Here comes Henry Herz creating new explanations why strange creatures are built the way they are.”
— Wendie Old, author of the award-winning book, TO FLY, THE STORY OF THE WRIGHT BROTHERS

A bright, fun and whimsical meeting of storytelling and science all rolled up into a delightful story that you can wrap your two arms around.
— Vanessa Brantley-Newton, author of LET FREEDOM SING, illustrator of MARY HAD A LITTLE GLAM

Herz has inked an origin tale that is awash in adventure and that stretches the imagination … and more. Readers will enjoy following the exploits of a ten-armed bandit whose thievery makes waves and whose plan to “cap off” his piratical pursuits turns out to be eel-conceived. Astute underwater observers will be clam-oring for a sea-quel when they notice how a fashionable fish takes a liking to something interesting at the tail end.
— Dee Leone, author of DOUGH KNIGHTS & DRAGONS

Witty and whimsical, this mischievous squid will inspire you to turn the pages.
— Eugene Yelchin, Newbery honoree author and illustrator of BREAKING STALIN’S NOSE and WON TON

A modern take on Rudyard Kipling, Henry Herz tells a moral tale that also brings a smile. A great read-aloud, with art by Luke Graber that recalls classic animation.
— Daniel Kirk, best-selling author and illustrator of the LIBRARY MOUSE series

Herz writes with a flourish of phrases that are really fun to read, and Graber’s richly colored illustrations are a nice match. We finally know the story of how the squid got his long arms.
— Tim Bowers, NY Times best-selling illustrator of DREAM BIG, LITTLE PIG! and DINOSAUR PET

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