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Little Red Cuttlefish

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Genre & Age: Fairy tale picture book (ages 3-7)
Format: Hardcover, 32 pages, 8.5 x 11″
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
ISBN: 978-1455621460

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Little Red Cuttlefish Goodreads Reviews

Little Red is off to deliver a fresh basket of crab cakes to Grandma Cuttlefish. Everything goes swimmingly… at first. While Little Red might be safe from any big, bad wolves, she has to look out for something even more dangerous: the hungry tiger shark!

Luckily, this cuttlefish is anything but cuddly, and Little Red has a few tricks hidden up her tentacles. She’ll camouflage, squirt ink clouds, and use her quick reflexes to outwit that pesky shark and deliver her crab cakes unharmed. After all—she doesn’t want to miss dessert!

This aquatic rendition of a classic tale brings the splendor of the sea to dry land. Combining science, spunk, and lively illustrations, Little Red’s adventures will tickle your funny gills and leave you wanting to dive in again and again.
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Reviews & Press Coverage

– “Heroic Little Red makes such a splash that even though no one gets eaten or cut open, even the most ghoulish among young readers won’t be disappointed. Along with silly bits, this buoyant benthic variant includes lots of authentic marine detail.” — Kirkus
– Won Editor’s Choice award at Orange County SCBWI Editor’s Day
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Educational Resources

Little Red Cuttlefish Study Guide (free PDF, 3 MB)

Make your own cephalopod! Print this file, color it, make vertical cuts to separate the legs, and tape the top into a cylinder.

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