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Which was the cutest Disney animal?

Which of the following Disney animals do you think is the cutest. Courtesy of http://highonglitter.com/cutest-disney-animals

#1 Baloo with Mowgli from “The Jungle Book”

Everything about Baloo was adorable, from the way he speaks, dances, and his jolly nature… He can bear hug me all day!

Cutest Disney Animals from henryherz.com

#2 Dora and Nemo, “Finding Nemo”

Who in there right mind thinks fish are cute?! We do! We blame it on Disney for their amazing voices and animation. They’re “cuteness” is forever stuck in our minds!

Cutest Disney Animals from henryherz.com

#3 Baby Scar and Simba from “The Lion King”

We know Scar grows up to be a mean bully, but all baby animals are sweet and so Scar and Simba get our votes here! Lets just pretend the rest of the movie didn’t happen.

Cutest Disney Animals from henryherz.com
#4 Todd and Copper from “The Fox and the Hound”

Life can be so complicated for adults, but this kit and pup duo are endearing because they’re best friends despite being natural enemies. Tear. Jerker.

Cutest Disney Animals from henryherz.com

#5 Classic Winnie The Pooh

Life is simple for Pooh and we love that about him! In fact sometimes we want to be him… eating honey and chasing butterflies, YUM!

Cutest Disney Animals from henryherz.com

#6 Arthur the squirrel and his friend, “The Sword in the Stone”

There’s nothing sweeter than innocent Love crushes! Which one is cuter? Arthur or his girlfriend… well she thinks she is. Aww sweet!

Cutest Disney Animals from henryherz.com

#7 Flower from “Bambi”

The blushing and giggling Flower is one of our faves because his sweetness is such a contradiction to what he is. Much like real skunks, they’re beautiful but awfully smelly!

Cutest Disney Animals from henryherz.com

#8 Thumper from “Bambi”

It goes without saying that bunnies are always cute, but they can sing and dance too? Ugh, too cute!

#9 The Dalmatian family from “101 Dalmatians”

I don’t know how they do it, but raising 101 adorable puppies is enough to get you on our list!

Cutest Disney Animals from henryherz.com

#10 Lady and The Tramp (Spaghetti For Two?)

Lady and The Tramp make the best couple! We love their happy romance story. The boy from the wrong side of the tracks meets nice well-breed gal… and forever after! People should be so lucky!

#11 Baby Dumbo from “Dumbo”

Everyone feels for Dumbo for having those big awkward ears! We can all learn from him and turn our worst aspects into something good. Dumbo is precious here!

#12 Baby Bambi meets Thumper

Just looking at baby Bambi tugs at our hearts! We all know what happens to his mom, and this makes us care for him all-the-more. sniff… sniff