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Hilarious KidLit Mashups

Here is a wickedly clever mashup of picture book characters by Marc Tyler Nobleman, Derek Wolfford and Tim Connor.

Authors and illustrators of books for young people have come together. Well, not them…their creations.

In 2013, a phrase fusing two popular children’s book titles skidded into my head: “I Want My Cat in the Hat Back.” Perpetual tip of the hat to Jon Klassen (I Want My Hat Back) and Dr. Seuss (The Cat in the Hat).

It was immediately followed by an image, which a talented designer friend named Tim Connor kindly made real:

Next thing I knew, I was hunting for other recurring words in titles of other beloved children’s and YA books to brainstorm more “merged sequels.”

The results feature a madcap mix of time-tested classics and modern favorites (plus one I wrote, because it worked). Another savvy designer friend, Derek Wolfford, generously agreed to produce the sixteen concepts I came up with.

Twice upon a time…

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