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Coffee Tables that Simulate Animals Emerging from Water

I must have a hippo table! From Derek Pearce and the mad geniuses at Bored Panda.

“Looking to spice up your living room with a unique piece of furniture? A coffee table portraying a floating animal by Derek Pearce should do the trick.

Derek Pearce is a man with one unique vision. Called ‘Water Tables’, he creates stunning coffee tables that portray animals “floating through water”. From hippos to dolphins to ducks – he designs the tables so the animals would be plunging in and out of the glass, which represents the water’s surface. The result is truly amazing.”

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15 Fairytale Gardens from Recycled Furniture

Remember that magic wardrobe the kids step into to be transported to Narnia? Well, the folks at Bored Panda have the next best thing. http://www.boredpanda.com/recycled-furniture-garden-decoration/

Just because a piece of furniture has outlived its use in your home doesn’t mean it’s no longer useful! With the right attitude and a mind for DIY projects and recycling, old pieces of furniture can find a second life as beautiful garden decorations! Garden design is tons of fun because it lets you get very creative with materials that you might not be able to use at home, like live plants or rocks.

#1 Piano Garden

Piano Garden

#2 Bed Garden

Bed Garden

Cello Garden

 #4 Dresser Garden

Dresser Garden

#5 Typewriter Garden

Typewriter Garden

#6 Tub Garden

Tub Garden

#7 Bed Garden

Bed Garden

#8 Succulent Garden On A Chair

Succulent Garden On A Chair

#9 Shopping Cart Garden

Shopping Cart Garden

#10 Magical Bed Garden

Magical Bed Garden

#11 Bathtub Garden

Bathtub Garden

#12 Dining Table Garden

Dining Table Garden

#13 Dresser Garden

Dresser Garden

#14 Sofa Garden

Sofa Garden

#15 Bed Garden

Bed Garden