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Camping with a Hedgehog

Everyone loves hedgehogs. Check out this spiky dude, thanks to the mad geniuses at Bored Panda.

“We know you remember Azuki, the tiny Japanese hedgehog who goes on big adventures. His perky ears, button nose, and delightful roundness is just impossible to forget. Well, Azuki recently traded his cozy dream house in for a set of miniature Coleman camping gear and took a trip to the great outdoors. Equipped with his own tent, kayak, and barbecue, he was all set for success, and pretty much had the time of his life. Just looking at his photos makes us want to get our camp on. It also really, really makes us want a hedgehog. Like, right this second.

Take a ride on the wild side and see the best moments from Azuki’s camping days below, and don’t even try to tell us you’ve ever been as happy as this magnificent little guy.”

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9 Reasons/videos why I love hedgehogs (adorable)

images courtesy of http://www.storycrush.com/blog/10-cute-hedgehog-gifs-to-make-your-day/

They have a good sense of smell


They are masters of camoflage


They are very quick for their size


They do not get sea sick


They can make a hood if their head gets cold


They understand the value of relaxing


They don’t have body shape issues


OK, so they’re not Mother Nature’s smartest critter…


But how many creatures can turn themselves into a boat?!