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Adding Pop-Culture Characters to Paintings

Ever wonder about alternative uses for old thrift-store paintings? Well clever artist David Irwine shows us some great ideas using pop-culture icons, as shown at Sad & Useless.


10 Best Suits of Movie/TV Armor

Mike Eisenberg did a fantastic piece over at screenrant.com on the 25 Best Movie Weapons of All Time (though I have to say I missed seeing Prince Nuada’s extendable spear from Hellboy II or vampire Selene’s exploding shuriken from Underworld II). His article inspired this post.

The Witch King of Angmar – The Lord of the Rings trilogy

witchkingThis guy is Sauron’s right-hand wraith, and he’s bad-ass to begin with. He’s strong, he’s mean, he casts dark magic, and he rides a frickin’ dragon. Any time you’ve got real pointy armor, you are clearly up to no good. The gauntlets and boot armor visible when the Ringwraiths are hunting the Hobbits in the Shire are exquisitely detailed.

Batman – Dark Knight movies

batmanDon’t hate me, but I’m not a big fan of the Batman movies because I think they’re poorly written. That said, Batman has some wonderful toys, and flexible body armor that just won’t quit. Plus a cape. Who says stylish can’t be functional?

Robocop – Robocop movies

robocopAn oldie, but a goodie. The armor design left some of his face exposed, but I think that was to remind us he was still part human and so we could hear him better. Love the tuck-away holster feature built into his armor.

Prince Nuada – Hellboy II

princenuadaUnlike many of our other featured suits of armor, Prince Nuada’s is light and flexible. That is perfectly suited to his lightning fast fighting style. I’d say his fight in the Elf Throne Room is the best sword fight in cinematic history. Hellboy II is a fun movie, but it is worth watching for that scene alone. I have a theory that Nuada is Guillermo del Toro’s version of Tolkien’s Feanor. Nuada gets bonus points because every piece of clothing he wears in this movie is stunning.

Lord Tywin Lannister (and everyone else) – Game of Thrones

tywinWe all know the meatgrinder plot of Game of Thrones and the gratuitous nudity are a big part of the appeal of Game of Thrones, but for me, the beautiful suits of armor are also a draw. Lannisters always pay their debts, and always wear beautifully crafted armor. Game of Thrones gets bonus points because every piece of clothing that nobility wear in this movie is stunning.

Lord Elrond Halfelven – The Hobbit

elrondYes, Elrond kicks goblin butt in The Lord of the Rings too, but I fell in love with the mauve armor he wears in The Hobbit. Classic elf armor – functional but swooping and suggestive of nature. Elrond gets bonus points because every piece of clothing he wears in this movie is stunning.

Ripley’s Power Loader – Aliens

aliens2Technically, a power loader is not intended to be armor, but Ripley uses it with great effect. “Get away from her, you bitch!”

Vampire Armor – Underworld II

underworld2Vampires are fast and strong. Now wrap them in steel. Then mount them on horses. What army on earth could withstand a charge from Vampire heavy cavalry!? Love the Spartan style helmets. One of the best opening scenes in action movie history.

The Black Knight – Monty Python and the Holy Grail

holygrailWhat this armor lacks in effectiveness, it more than compensates for in humorous effect. And you’ve gotta’, er, hand it to the Black Knight. He takes a lickin’ and keeps on kickin’… “Have at you!”

Iron Man – Iron Man & Avengers movies

ironmanLet’s face it. Iron Man’s armor is the Holy Grail of, er, sets the gold standard for armor. Protection, movement, and firepower. All it needs is a vending machine attachment for when he gets hungry.