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Dog Mommies Proudly Posing with Their Precocious Pups

Thanks again to the wonderful folks at Bored Panda.

Being a mom is hard work. Now image you had ten infants simultaneously! It’s a dog’s life.

“Nature makes sure that these dog moms are proud of their babies. In humans, the maternal bond usually begins to develop during pregnancy, but childbirth is the moment where the bond truly sets in for most animals.”

#1 I, Big Wrinkle, Made All These Little Wrinkles

I, Big Wrinkle, Made All These Little Wrinkles

#2 Proud Mom – dots alotta’ pups

Proud Mom

#3 Puppy Bums – a fuzzy tale

Puppy Bums

#4 Proud Parents – must start saving for college

Proud Parents

#5 Proud Mommy – & innovative puppy

Proud Mommy

#6 Proud Mommy – of organized Husky pups

Proud Mommy

#7 Proud Mommy – who just needs some alone time

Proud Mommy

#8 Proud Mom

Proud Mom

#9 Proud Mommy With Her Puppies

Proud Mommy With Her Puppies

#10 Proud Mommy

Proud Mommy

#11 Proud Mommy – somebody HELP me!

Proud Mommy

#12 Proud Mommy – nobody messes with bulldogs!

Proud Mommy

#13 Mom With Her Puppies

Mom With Her Puppies

#14 World’s Largest Pitbull, Hulk, With His Puppies – is there someone on my head?

World's Largest Pitbull Hulk With His Puppies

#15 Proud Mommy – somebody get me a glass of wine…

Proud Mommy