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Hand-Made Wooden Robots

Inspired by some wooden robot photos posted online by author/illustrator Steve Light, I decided to make my own. They will serve as the basis for a future picture book manuscript.

I built five. I used neodymium magnets for rotating junctures, like necks, wrists, and instrumentation panels. The first one is the least humanoid. Perhaps a robot pet.

For subsequent robots, I added Lego Bionicle ball and socket parts to articulate shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee joints.

I gave the third robot wheels, big eyes, and small ears. I think it may look better with the small bumps serving as eyes and the larger bumps serving as ears.

I think this one is my favorite. Perhaps because it has big ears and “earrings”.

Last, but not least, a squat robot with long arms. I can’t wait to put robots like these into a story for kids!