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100 Writing Days of Summer

This is still a funny summer. Things seem normal, but they still aren’t fully functional, right? Dining and stadiums seem to be back on track, but most of the writers’ conferences aren’t gathering in person this summer.

We writers don’t have a way to get together right now and get help, get inspired, and get writing. I like to write in the summers, and I know a lot of writers do – maybe because school’s out, or just because the days are longer, or because office hours are often shorter. We can write in the woods, at a table on the front porch, or even on a dock at the lake. Summers and writing just go together.

Would you like to be writing a novel or memoir this summer? There is help, camaraderie, and expert inspiration that you can tap into all summer long. It is a writing program called 100 Writing Days of Summer (#100WritingDaysofSummer) and I’m very pleased to be a part of it.

  • It starts June 21 and runs all summer long.
  • panel of eight established, successful authors are all going to share their best ten writing tips, so you can turn a corner on problems you might be facing in your current WIP
  • The Author Panel’s expertise ranges from award winning and bestselling novelists, memoirists, YA authors, Children’s book authors, fantasy, and flash fiction.
  • Julia Roberts – the organizer – is a creative process expert and coach, and she will be your summer mentor in the FB group, on Zoom calls and in the daily emails. Julia Roberts is also the founder of DecodingCreativity.com, the Write Without the Fight Facebook group & 5-Day Challenge, already taken by thousands of writers since its inception 3 years ago
  • Each email contains an expert writing tip or writing mindset advice, a picture prompt, and group updates.
  • Julia will also host 10 2-hour writing sessions and coaching for anyone in the group who gets stuck or frustrated.
  • The Pop-up FB group will be our own “Conference Rom B,” where we can meet other writers, socialize and connect.

100 Writing Days of Summer (#100WDOS) has all the elements of a writers’ conference, combined with the benefits of coaching and a writing retreat. I hope you can join me, Julia Roberts, and the other Authors of the Panel to learn, connect and write!

I hope you can join us and write this summer! Go here for more information. And feel free to hit reply and ask me any questions.

Looking forward to a productive summer,